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Y.dudullu / ÜMRANİYE


   Our company Uzun Textile was established in 1981 and continues to
operate in upholstery and curtain fabric sector. Bursa is leading the way in innovation thanks to its rich collection of
3,000 mt of closed area in Demirtaş Organize Sanayi region with
1,500,000 mt of annual production capacity and various flat and
different designs. We have been keeping our elegant and modern style for many years with
our wide range of colors and designs range of products appealing to every
taste, which is user-friendly, which is the design and aesthetics of the
front panel. We have wholesale and retail sales services in Turkey and
abroad with Rascel, Suede, chenille, microşonil,digital printed fabrics. We aim to continuously improve our customer portfolio by participating in domestic and international fairs such as
Cnr Evteks. Uzun Tekstil is a branded institution in the sector with high quality services and suggestions offered to its customers
by its unique solutions of professional staff both in retail and wholesale. With digital printing machine, we design special designs in line with the demands of our customers and provide
boutique sales service. Istanbul Ümraniye We are serving 1200 sqm showroom undo in Modoko to our domestic and international customers.


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