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о нас

о нас

Founded as a family company in 1981, one of Uzun Mefruşat San. Tic. A.S. 's shareholders Osman UZUN carried out the company’s wholesale and retail sale activities such as, upholstery fabrics, tulle, curtains in home textile sector. During this period, also he managed wholesale and retail trade activities of Teksan Kadife, Dekora and many other brands as main distributor. In the same period,he established  his own factory in the Ikitelli industrial zone and began selling its own brand of upholstery fabrics.

By the end of 1999 he transferred his shares to Uzun Mefrusat Sa. Tic. A.S and he established his own company Uzun Textile Decoration Ltd. Sti in 2001.

Uzun Textile has been carrying on wholesale and retail sale activities of upholstery fabrics in home textile sector. Uzun textiles main customers are furniture manufacturers, furnishing shops and fabric wholesalers.

Uzun Textile has been distributing its products all over Turkey and has reached more than 1000 points of sale. The product range includes velvet, chenille, tapestry,  transfer and digital printing fabrics, cotton, jacquard fabrics and polyester fabrics.

The existing product portfolio, special designed and transfer printed fabrics, has been producing entirely within its own structure. Uzun Textile, contains within its structure the units of production and design, serves clients unlimited design options and creates unrestricted design and quantity scales according to customer satisfaction.

Uzun Textile aims to improve its customer portfolio by attending trade fairs, such as Istanbul Home Textile Exhibition(EVTEKS), at home and abroad. Uzun textile applies the digital printing designs in a variety of different quality upholstery and drapery fabrics and provides the market with her own vehicles and staff  throughout Turkey.

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